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Fecha de publicación : Julio 17, 2020
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Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , United States

The most important step in the evolution of photographic technology made the difference, today more than 90% of people who want to take photos do so from their cell phone.

The context is the ease provided by the new technology, with CLASSI PHILLIES the same thing happens.

Thousands upon thousands of people are abandoning the old classified ad platforms to join the future in this industry.

CLASSI PHILLIES welcomes anyone who uses this type of service and is willing to comply with current laws by placing their ads without inappropriate content.

We are giving away premium accounts to some users for opening reasons, please check if you are eligible to have your ads appear on the main carousels of this website.

Join us and enjoy a different website, and easy to use.

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

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    Avoid scams by acting locally or paying with PayPal CLASSIPHILLIES.COM, recommends staying home and prevent the spread of (COVID-19). With us you can go (virtually) to the address of the ad. To virtually see the direction, simply drag the yellow man onto the map and you can be there immediately without risking anyone with the seasonal pandemic.


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